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How to choose the best artificial grass option:

  • Artificial grass can seem to range massively in price and many people are left confused as to the reasons to why. Here is a brief outline of things which can factor into the price of an artificial lawn and why the price can vary.


    The density of the grass fibres. The more fibre dense, the more realistic the grass will look.


    Quality of the thatch layer. A good thatch layer will help to provide cushion and support, as well as reduce the amount of maintenance required.


    UV protection. This will help to prevent the grass from fading in the sun and improve how long it will last.


    The type of backing used on the grass. The backing will help to keep the grass in place and provide additional support.


    Check the warranty offered on artificial grass. The better the warranty, the more confident you can be in the quality of the grass.

    This all affects the artificial grass’s quality and practicality. We recommend you avoid at all costs the cheap entry-level grass which can vary greatly in quality. We do not offer those options.


    The main thing to consider is the practical purpose of your lawn.


     If you require a dog-safe lawn we recommend higher quality options as dog wee can cause a nasty smell on cheaper material artificial grass.


    Cheaper latex lawns degrade quickly and especially if they are frequently used. Other options include polyurethane latex-free materials which come at a more premium price point. These are more durable to wear and tear but also go up in price.


    For the sake of simplicity, in our price calculator, we have grouped them into three categories.


    We have priced these considerations into our options to provide an average cost estimate for your garden on our calculator. We hope this information was helpful and do not hesitate to get in touch with any Qs.


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