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Are you looking for professional tree surgery services?

Look no further! Our experienced tree surgeons are here to help with all your tree care needs.

Tree surgeon southampton

Mother nature can sometimes be chaotic. Make sure no avoidable damage is done to your or a neighbour's property. And that dangerous plants don't cause unintended harm

A range of services:

  • Tree surgeons can help with a wide range of services related to trees, such as pruning, cutting, shaping, and removing overgrown or diseased branches and hazardous tree removal. we can also check for structural damage, diagnose and treat pests and diseases, fertilize trees, and provide advice on how to care for trees.

Expert advice:

  • We can offer you expert advice to ensure the best course of action and that no plant damage is made to your property in the future and no unnecessary harm is made to plants.

Natural beauty:

  • Hiring a tree surgeon is a great way to enhance the appearance of your property and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Reducing the size of the foliage of the tree is a great way to allow more natural light to enter your outdoor space.

Avoid harm:

  • Don’t take chances with your trees if a tree is at risk of harming someone or causing property damage trust the professionals to get the job done right! Contact us today for a consultation and estimate.

Our services

Stump removal

Clearing the ground of deep tree roots. often with specialist tools.

Tree removal and felling

Complete removal of dead or unwanted trees. 

Pruning and trimming

Reduction and thinning of overall size of the branches and foliage.

Ivy removal

Although it can look amazing ivy can cause property damage

Frequently asked Questions

Is tree surgery dangerous?

 A: Tree surgery can be dangerous if not performed correctly by a certified arborist. The arborist should take all necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of themselves and anyone in the vicinity.


What are the benefits of tree surgery?

 A: Tree surgery can improve the health of a tree, enhance its appearance, reduce the risk of property damage, and add to the overall beauty of a landscape. It can also help to promote new growth and increase the lifespan of a tree.

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Is it harmful to the tree?

A: When performed by a professional arborist correctly pruning and trimming can help to promote new growth and increase the lifespan of a tree.

How much do tree surgeons cost?

A: The cost of tree surgery varies depending on the type of work being done, the size of the tree, and the geographical location. It is best to get an estimate from a certified arborist before any work is done.

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