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We work closely with our clients to help them create a beautiful new bespoke garden. 


Make a free enquiry with us today and start the design journey of bringing a spectacular new designer garden into a reality.

Working with us:

  • We help our clients breathe new life into your tired garden and create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your loved ones to cherish.


  • Take a look at some of our work below or see our portfolio page for more depth.

A decade in design:

  • Designing a new garden can help you maximise your space, transforming it from an overgrown mess into something stylish that you can feel pride in living in.


  • With a decade of experience in design and a variety of styles, from traditional, to modern and contemporary we utilise a wide range of materials and techniques to ensure each garden we create is unique and perfectly suited to its environment and to you.
  • We design our gardens with the long-term future in mind so they can continue to look great for years to come. Click to make a free enquiry below to get started and bring your dream garden to life.

Planned with you for you:

  • We take the time to get to know all our clients so that together we can create a garden design which reflects your individual taste.

  • Working closely with you, we help to create a beautiful bespoke outdoor space tailored to your needs. Taking into consideration factors such as the size and dimensions of your space or how much sunlight an area gets to recommend hardscape or softscape features to enhance your garden to its full potential. With us no two gardens are the same, we want to help you to express yourself through the natural beauty a garden has to offer.

  • If you feel we could be a good match for you and would like to discuss more click below today to make a free enquiry.

our reviews:

"Highly recommend Soul Garden Design. Matt totally transformed our front and rear gardens and we couldn't be happier with the results. Decking, fencing, Victorian tiled pathway and I'm still amazed by how he turned our ugly bike shed into a thing of beauty (wood cladding solves everything). Also he's reliable, trustworthy and a really lovely guy!"
"Had a great time working with Soul Design, walked them through what we were after and general brief and they were really able to bring to life exactly what we wanted within a reasonable budget. Emails and all communication were super smooth and overall really lovely to work with and have around. Would love to work with them again, but they've done such a good job it's unlikely we'll need the back done again for years!"

5 star rating on Google and Facebook

Frequently asked questions:

What factors should I consider when designing a landscape garden?

A: When designing a landscape garden, consider the size and shape of the space, the type of plants you want to use, and the amount of sunlight available. Additionally, consider any existing features such as existing trees, walkways, and patios that you may want to incorporate into the design. 

What makes a good garden design?

A: Gardens should be tailored to your desires and what you want from your outdoor living space. The best way to plan a landscape garden is to take inspiration from as many sources as possible. Gardening blogs, TV shows, magazines and youtube videos. This is a great start to finding what matches your taste and finding a suitable garden for you.

What is the best way to plan a landscape garden?

A: Once you have a list of ideas it is common to create a blueprint for your desired garden.

Start with measuring your space and create a scale plan of the area, including the location of any existing features, and the desired layout of the garden. Additionally, consider the type of plants you want to use, the desired colour scheme, or theme and any hardscaping elements such as patios, decking, pathways, and fencing.

How can I make sure my garden is easy to maintain?

A: To make sure your garden is easy to maintain, we can help you choose low-maintenance hardscape features and plants that are suited to your garden. This can help to reduce weeds, and the amount of pruning or cutting required.

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