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Considering creating a new outdoor space for your family and friends?


Our Dream decks are designed and installed to be durable and sustainable for you to cherish for years to come.

Is your garden a tired and uninviting space which are failing to take full advantage of? 
We specialise in transforming of outdoor spaces giving you a customisable, multi-purpose, low-maintenance garden area designed with you to fit your needs.

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This is the most common form of decking material. Usually, pine or spruce wood which has been pressure treated to protect it from mould rot or decay. This is the most cost-effective option and can be used in a variety of finishes and colours. 

Hardwoods such as oak are generally more durable and long-lasting than softwood and less prone to warping fading or cracking. they offer a more “high-end” feel but come with a price tag to match.


Composite decking is a man-made material made from a combination of wood and plastic fibres. It is designed to be long-lasting and more durable than traditional wood but also has a less “natural” feel. It is the most expensive option of the three.

Composite decking is available in a variety of colours and finishes and is easy to install. 

Explore Southampton Decking Services – Your Best Choice for Deck Installation

 Ready to transform your mundane patch of grass into the envy of the neighbourhood? Look no further, for Southampton Decking Services is here to save the day (and your social life)! With hammers at the ready and sawdust in their wake, these deck installation wizards will conjure up a spectacular space faster than you can say “timber composite decking!” It’s like magic but with power tools and lumber.

When it comes to decking in Southampton, these deck-savvy artisans are the go-to crew. They’ll take your outdoor space from ‘meh’ to ‘A-mah-zing!’ without breaking a sweat. Southampton Decking Services painstakingly crafts each deck installation with the care of a shipbuilder and the precision of a Swiss watchmaker, although thankfully they won’t make you pay in cuckoo clocks. Seamlessly blending beauty and durability, their timber composite decking is like the superhero of the deck world: strong, dependable, and suspiciously good-looking.

But why stop at decking? Southampton is your oyster, and these “decksmiths” are keen to shuck it! They’ll equip you with a space so splendid, that you’ll want to spend every moment out there, basking in the undeniable glory of your exquisite deck. Whether you’re hosting a summer soirée or a quiet cuppa with your petunias, Southampton Decking Services will turn your dream into a (very sturdy) reality. So, suppose you’ you’d best get in touch with the deck installation connoisseurs at Southampton Decking Services – and watch them work their plank-wielding, nail-gunning wizardry on a space that’s unequivocally yours.

Ultimately, deciding which type of decking to use will depend on your budget and the desired look and feel of your outdoor space. Don’t forget to utilise our free online price estimate tool to find the material which works for you!

Having difficulty deciding?

Maximise Your Space with Expert Decking Solutions in Southampton

With expert decking services, you won’t just walk the plank; you’ll be hosting barbeques on it!  Our local timber composite decking is the full monty, giving you a sleek, low-maintenance deck that’s as tough as the titanic…

Let’s talk space, folks. It’s like the final frontier, except in your backyard. A Southampton deck isn’t just any deck; it’s your personal outdoor lounge, your fresh-air fortress of solitude, your excuse to buy those fancy outdoor lights! Whether your yard is as tiny as a teacup or as vast as the Titanic, decking is your ticket to maximising that open-air potential.

But wait, there’s more! Deck installation is smoother than a sea shanty sung by Southampton sailors. These decks are built to last, much like the Southampton Walls. And who wouldn’t want their very own sturdy burg on their back lawn? We’re talking deck durability that will outlast even the most epic south cost  rain.

Yes, you’ve explored the seven seas of Southampton decking services, and you’ve discovered your best choice for deck installation. Now, it’s time to claim your space on the sun deck. Don’t let your ship sail without you; grab a Southampton deck and give your space the ‘deck-over’ it deserves! So, cast off the bowlines and say ‘ahoy!’ to your brand-new Southampton decking. Trust me, your garden gnome will thank you.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does deck installation cost?

Decking is simpler and quicker to install than other options such as a patio in most cases.

The are many factors which can go into the total cost of decking with many things to consider size, Material choice, prep work, individual specifications ETC.  So we created a handy instant online pricing estimate calculator! Check it out now and bring your dream garden one step closer! 

How long does deck installation typically take?

The exact time it takes to install a new deck will depend on the size and complexity of the project. For the average garden, generally, most decks can be installed within a few days. However, more complex designs may require additional time and labour.


Working with a professional landscape designer is the best way to ensure the speed of a project and that all additional bespoke parts to the renovation are made correctly with no corners cut.

What maintenance is needed for my new deck?

A: Most fences require periodic maintenance to keep them looking great. Our experienced team can provide repair and maintenance services to keep your fence looking great for years to come. At Landscape gardeners Southampton, we are proud to offer the highest quality fencing products and services on the south coast. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team is dedicated to providing you with a superior customer experience. 

How do I choose the right decking design for my home?

A: Most fences require periodic maintenance to keep them looking great. Our experienced team can provide repair and maintenance services to keep your fence looking great for years to come. At Landscape gardeners Southampton, we are proud to offer the highest quality fencing products and services on the south coast. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team is dedicated to providing you with a superior customer experience. 

Our services

From walkways to driveways build your new aesthetically pleasing and functional garden. With a range of stunning styles to choose from: we install pavers, luxury stones and ceramics.

Create a beautiful bespoke outdoor space tailored to your needs. Our services include planning and installation. Customising your garden with plants and features to create your dream home. 

Design your dream deck. Bespoke decking solutions for all sizes of gardens small to large. With a range of luxury materials to choose from including softwoods, hardwoods, and composite.

Our services include professional installation, maintenance and repair of lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces. Get the perfect lawn and garden with our expert services. Roll out the green carpet!

From repair to brand-new installation, We have you covered with our affordable fencing solutions. Keep out those nosey neighbours! We build em’ sturdy to withstand these south coast winds.

It is not easy to keep on top of keeping your garden looking its pristine best. Leave the heavy labour to us!

Professional service for the removal of overgrown vegetation, rubbish, and debris from your garden, clearing the way for your new beautiful outdoor space. Covering all garden clearance needs, from commercial to private

We specialise in pruning and trimming, removal of diseased or dead branches, and hazardous tree removal. We can offer you expert advice to ensure no plant damage is made to your property in the future.

We offer a large range of beautiful driveway styles and solutions to roll out the red carpet to your house and give your driveway some curb appeal: Paver driveways, brick paving, gravel, and concrete.

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Maintenance Tips for Your Southampton Decking to Ensure Longevity

Listen up Southamptonians, because if you want your deck to outlive a legendary oak tree, you’re gonna need some top-notch decking maintenance tips that’ll ensure your decking is less ’50 First Dates’ and more ‘The Old Guard’ in terms of longevity. So, let’s set sail into the world of deck pampering—but don’t worry, this isn’t the kind of spa day that’ll break the bank. First off, regular cleaning is the heartthrob of your deck’s life story. Sweep your Southampton decking like it’s going to the ball, Cinderella-style, because leaves and debris play the villain in this tale, trapping moisture and inviting unwanted wood-loving guests.

Next is your material; whether it’s classic timber or snazzy timber composite decking, treat it right, and it’ll dance through the decades with you. Those opting for timber, remember, it needs a bit of TLC—stain that beauty every couple of turns of the sun (that’s years, for those not fluent in the poetic talk). Now, for the timber composite decking aficionados, ease is your friend. Less fuss but do give it a loving hose down occasionally to keep it spick and span.

Now, I can’t stress this enough: watch out for those hidden pitfalls that can age your deck faster than a banana in a heat wave. Keep an eye on the integrity of the wood, watch for signs of wear and tear, and don’t let little issues turn into decking disasters. They’re like those plot twists you never saw coming—guard against them, and your decking will be the protagonist in a story of endless summer BBQs and stargazing sessions. So, to wrap up this epic tale of decking maintenance, remember, with great Southampton decking comes great responsibility. Take these tips, put ’em to work and voila, you’ve got a masterpiece of outdoor living that’ll have the neighbours peeking over the fence with envy!

Choosing the Right Decking Materials – A Guide for Southampton Residents

Ahoy there, Southampton locals! Are you ready to turn your outdoor space into a backyard bonanza with some top-notch decking? Well, choosing the right decking materials is like picking the perfect toppings for your ice cream sundae – it’s crucial to the overall awesomeness of the deck-sperience. In Southampton, decking options are as abundant as rain on a Bank Holiday, but fear not! We’ve got the skinny on decking materials that’ll make your outdoor space the talk of the Titanic City.

First things first, let’s chat about timber composite decking, Southampton’s sweetheart. It’s the eco-friendly lovechild of wood and plastic, giving you the best of both worlds – just like a fry-up with avocado. This wonder material is tough as a Solent squall and laughs in the face of rot and termites. But wait, there’s more! Composite decking requires about as much maintenance as a plastic flamingo – almost none!

Now, if you’re a purist and can’t resist the siren call of traditional wood, we’ve got decking materials that’ll float your boat. Hardwood decking has a charm that’s as enduring as The Mayflower and is more resilient than a Portsmouth fan in a sea of Southampton supporters. Softwood decking? It’s more affordable than a jumbo sausage at the St. Mary’s chippy – but remember, it’ll need a bit of pampering to keep it looking shipshape.

So, deck-admirers of Southampton, whether you’re all about decking’s durability or its dashing good looks, make sure you choose materials that’ll make your deck robust, ravishing, and ready for a right royal knees-up! And if you’re still stumped, Southampton decking services are here to steer your ship safely into the harbour of impeccable deck installation. Anchors away!Rich content results: 



Q: Can Southampton Decking Services transform my balding backyard into the ultimate garden gala?
A: Transforming? My dear landlubber, they don’t just transform—they metamorphosise your patchy green into a maritime marvel quicker than you can bellow “Blimey!” Your social shindigs will be the talk of the town, all thanks to those plank-wielding, sawdust-spreading magicians.

Q: Be honest, matey—is timber composite decking really the superhero of deck materials?
A: Ahoy, truth-seeker! Timber composite decking doesn’t just save the day; it saves your weekends from backbreaking upkeep! It’s like decking forged by the hammer of Thor himself—mighty durable, suspiciously good-looking, and it won’t betray you like a scurvy pirate when the weather turns foul.

Q: Does Southampton Decking Services accept payment in rare collector’s items, like antique cuckoo clocks?
A: While the deck minions appreciate the tick-tock of a good cuckoo, they prefer the sweet jingle of modern-day treasure. So, keep your clocks for the mantel and reward the deck-dream builders with good ol’ pounds sterling—they’ll craft you a deck worthy of a timepiece museum indeed.

Q: Will decking really help my Southampton garden gnome achieve nirvana?
A: Absolutely, my green-thumbed companion! Installing a deck in your garden is like giving your gnome a free pass to Shangri-La. Not only will you elevate your garden gnome’s zen, but you’ll also skyrocket the curb appeal of your abode, making it the stuff of local lore and gnome legend!

Q: Tell me straight, will I need to become a deck cleaning Cinderella to maintain my new Southampton deck?
A: Fear not, for your Southampton deck won’t turn you into a soot-smudged, rag-donning cleaner! A timber composite deck requires about as much maintenance as a pet rock—just a little loving sweep and the occasional hose-down. So, hang up that apron and let the deck live its low-maintenance life!

Q: I adore hardwood but how will it fare in a battle against Southampton’s notorious rainy sieges?
A: My dear wood fancier, fear not! Hardwood decking in Southampton is like a stalwart knight in a rain-soaked fortress – it endures! Though it has the strength of a thousand umbrellas, do pamper it occasionally like royal footwear; a bit of oil and stain will ensure it stays as hardy as a seasoned sailor’s resolve.

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